28 Oct 2017

Annual Research Session - 2017

IMG 3073Annual Research Session - 2017

Annual Research Session the year 2017 is organized by the Faculty of Health-care Sciences, Eastern University. It is one of the mile stone of the Faculty and was formulated under the theme of “Nurturing a conducive environment for healthier future”. It was held on the 12th and 13th October 2017 at the Auditorium of Faculty of Health-Care Sciences, EUSL. The FHCS staff team made the event a grand success.

Research papers were invited in the tracks on Economics & Management, Food & Agriculture, Health Sciences, Social sciences & Humanities and from Science & Technology. Over 70 research papers have been submitted and the reviewers have selected 64 highly qualified papers to be presented at the session.
The inauguration of the annual research session was held on the 1st day of the session and more than 250 invitees from Eastern University and other sectors participated. Chief Guest of the event was Prof. DayaSomasundaram, Senior Professor of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna who made his address on“Nurturing Healthier Minds – Strategies to empower the community to coping with stress”. Dr. MythreyeThayabaran (Co-Chair) delivered the welcome address, Dr. Angela Arulpragasam (Dean, FHCS) made the Dean’s address andDr.K.E.Karunakarn (Acting Vice Chancellor) delivered the Inaugural Address. Finally, Dr. A.R.M. Sanooz (Joint Secretary) delivered the vote of thanks in the inauguration of the session.
The national anthem and a welcome dance also were performed by SVIAS students. Professor Marius Sudol (NUS) delivered the keynote speech on “Modular protein domains as basic units of the code of cell signaling & as actionable targets of therapy for a plethora of human diseases” after the inauguration of the session.
A symposium titled “Aging in Sri Lanka: Trends & Issues” was held on the 1st day and the resource persons were Professor Balasundrampillai, Dr. N. Navaratna and Dr. K. Arulanandam. Thereafter a plenary speech titled “Assessments as an integral part of educational environment: The Current trends” was delivered by Dr. MadhawaChandratilaka on the same day.
The first day of the ARS also included oral paper sessions and poster presentations. The full participation of students, EUSL academic staff and other registrants was noted during the free paper sessions.
On 12th October 2017 night the conference dinner was arranged at Hotel East Lagoon, Batticaloa with the full sponsorship of Analytical Instruments and more than 120 invitees were present to the dinner. Dr. K.Arulnithy (Consultant Cardiologist) delivered the dinner speech titled “Digging the past”. SVIAS students performed during the dinner and it was sponsored by the Analytical Instruments.
Day 02 started with the keynote speech of Professor ThirumaVlavan titled ““Intermittent Fasting, Epigenetics and Stroke” and further the day included plenary speech on “Ethical Issues in Paediatric Health Research” by Dr. GitanjaliSathiadas and free paper sessions.
A panel discussion on waste management was held on 2nd day evening and it was an open session with the participation of public, government stakeholders and other relevant authorities. The panel discussion included more than 250 participants. Mr. Sri Ram was a key resource person for the panel discussion from India.
The summary of the two day session was presented by Professor S.V.Parameswaran and the conclusion statement was delivered by acting Vice Chancellor Dr. K.E.Karunakaran at the end of the sessions. The event was concluded with the awarding for the best oral and poster presenters.
Details of the FHCS team
Theme: Nurturing a conducive environment for healthier future


• Dr. J. Jeyaruban
• Dr. M.Thayabaran

Joint Secretaries:
• Dr.S.Sujendran
• Dr. A.R.M.Sanooz

Joint Editors:
• Mr. T.Sathananthan
• Dr. M. Roshini

• Dr. R.Sanjeev

Advisory Committee:
• Dr.K.E.Karunakaran
• Dr.A.N.Arulpragasam
• Prof. V. Parameswaran
• Rev. Sister. Dr. Josepha Joseph

Sub- Committees

1. Finance and Sponsoring:

• Dr. R.Sanjeev- Coordinator
• Dr.M.Thirukumar
• Dr.M.Umakanth
• Dr. S.Pirasanth- Demo/HB
• Dr. V. Paramanathan – Demo/HB
• Mr. S.Satheesh –AR/FHCS
• Mr. Prammaharan –AB/FHCS
• Mr.Sasukaran

2. Editorial Committee:

• Mr.T.Sathaananthan
• Dr. J.Mahinthan
• Dr. M. Roshini
• Mr. S. Santharooban -Co-ordinator
• Ms. Lukshi (Secretarial Assistant to the committee)

3. Advertising Committee:

• Dr.K.Kartheepan – Coordinator
• Ms. Saranya - * Coordinator
• Ms. Lavanya (AL)
• Mrs. David
• Mr. Kumaran

4. Hall arrangement Committee:

• Mr. K. Karthijekan – Coordinator
• Mr. Lokeeshan
• Mr. M. Satheesh
• Dr. M. Thamaneeyan- Demo/HB
• Dr.T.Mihiran –Demo/PP
• Dr Y Hemika-Demo/CS
• Ms. KMP Priyanwatha-Demo/SHS
• Ms AG Baweetha Begam- Demo/SHS
• Mr. Sutharshan
• Mr.Vettivel
• Mr. Arulnithan

5. Session Program Committee & Tracks:

• Dr.K.T.Sundaresan
• Ms. Janarthani – Coordinator
• Ms. Thilini
• Dr. P. Mayurathan
• Ms. P.Luxchanya –Demo/PHC
• Ms. Nilakshi- Demo/PHC
• Ms. MI Ismath Banu- Demo/SHS
• Ms HMMP Herath-Demo/CS
• Ms. Vijitha

6. Dinner Organizing, food and refreshment committee:

• Mr. Shanmuganathan – Coordinator
• Dr. K. Mayureshan- *Coordinator
• Dr. C Shalini- Demo/HB
• Ms S Thasanthy- Demo/MER
• MS MC Fasmiya- Demo/SHS
• Dr. Sivanjali Myuran – Demo/MER
• Mr. Prammaharan
• Mr. Sathananthan(TO)
• Mr. Karnan
• Mr. Mahendran

7. Invitation, Reception and Registration:

• Ms. Nagananthini – Coordinator
• Dr. Vishnu
• Dr. S.Pirasanth- Demo/HB
• Ms R. Thushani- Demo/PP
• Ms S Mayura- Demo/PP
• Mr S Subatharshan-Demo/CS
• Ms. Sharmila
• Mr. Premachandran

8. Venue Arrangement, Transport and Accomodation:

• Dr. M. Umakanth
• Mr. Youhasan – Coordinator
• Mr EPLG Lappen-Demo/CS
• Mr.Sasukaran (CAA)
• Mr.V. Pathmanathan (TO)
• Mr. Jeevaraj

9. Inauguration program committee:

• Dr. Naseefa– Coordinator
• Ms. Genoosha– Coordinator
• Dr S Agilan- Demo/CS
• Mr AAS Kumara-Demo/CS
• Ms AF Rafaha- Demo/PP
• Ms M Nirjana- Demo/ SHS
• Mr. Gnanatheepan (TO)
• Ms. J.Sivagowri (TO)
• Mr. Jeyakumar
• Mr. Vasanthaseelan