Welcome to Department of Human Biology.

The department of Human Biology was established in 2006 and comprises of seven permanent academic staff and nine non-academic staff members. We are a multi-disciplinary department with responsibilities in instruction and continuing education in the disciplines of Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology. We provide medical students with a basic understanding of the structure and functions of the human body at all levels of organization from the sub cellular level through tissues, organs, and gross relationships of organ systems. We aim to prepare our students for future careers where an interdisciplinary education would be an asset in health profession.

The Department of Human Biology brings together mainly three medical scientific disciplines, namely Anatomy, Discipline of Biochemistry

Discipline of Anatomy
Through a comprehensive course of study in gross anatomy, embryology, histology, neuroscience and genetics the anatomy section of the basic sciences provides thorough instruction in the morphology of the human body.

Discipline of Biochemistry
Biochemistry is the chemistry of life and it explains all cellular or biological events in chemical terms. The scope of the biochemistry is as vast as life itself. Every aspects of life such as birth, growth, reproduction, aging and death involves biochemistry. Biochemical studies contribute to diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of diseases.

Discipline of Physiology
Human Physiology focuses on the systems and organs of the human body and their functions. The basic principle that provides the foundation for the study of human physiology is the maintenance of homeostasis through the operation of complex control systems encompassing all levels of the hierarchy of human structure and function (i.e., cells, tissues, organs, and organs systems)

Teaching Learning Activities

The Department of Anatomy conducts lectures, tutorials, problem-based learning sessions and small group discussions for the MBBS and BSc. Nursing degree programmes. In addition, Histology practical sessions and cadaver dissection sessions are conducted for students who follow the MBBS degree programme. Lectures, practicals, tutorials and PBLs are conducted regularly by the academic staff members for the above mentioned degree programmes.


The department comprises a biochemistry laboratory that can accommodate up to 50 students during practical sessions and Histology laboratory. The laboratories are fully equipped with light microscopes, ECG machine, sphygmomanometers, spirometer, spectrophotometer and multimedia facilities.