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Prof. M Umakanth


Prof. M Umakanth
MBBS(Jaf), MD(Col), MRCP(UK), MRCP(Lon), FRCP(Edin), Dip in Diabetes
Professor in Medicine 
Department of Clinical Sciences
Faculty of Health-Care Sciences
Eastern University, Sri Lanka
Telephone: 0094766191303 /




Journal Publications

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Book Publications

  1. Umakanth M. Aid to Therapeutics for Medical students. 2017. ISBN: 9 789555 096423.
  2. Umakanth M. Multiple Choice Questions in Medicine for Medical students. 2019. ISBN:978-955-659-633-5
  3. Umakanth M. Multiple Choice questions in Medicine for Medical Students. 2019. ISBN:978-955-659-632-8
  4. Umakanth M. Common short cases in medicine for medical students. 2017. ISBN: 9-789555-096430.
  5. Umakanth M. Aid to Diabetes for Medical Professionals. 2017. ISBN: 9 789555 096454
  6. Umakanth M. MCQ and BOF for medical students. 2017.ISBN:9 789555 096447.
  7. Umakanth M. Data interpretation for MD [Medicine] Examination. 2008.ISBN:978-955-50964-0-9.
  8. Umakanth M. Emergency Concept for nursing students. 2018.ISBN:978-955-50964-8-5.
  9. Umakanth M. Acute Medicine A Symptom Based Approach. 2018.ISBN:978-955-50964-7-8.
  10. Umakanth M. Hand book of medical procedure. 2018.ISBN:978-955-38809-3-2.
  11. Umakanth M. Neerilivum Nimmathiyana valvum. 2018.ISBN:978-955-38809-4-9.
  12. Umakanth M.kaal kai valippu . 2018.ISBN:978-955-38809-9-4.
  13. Umakanth M.Pakkavatham.2018. 978-955-38809-6-3.
  14. Umakanth M.Uyarkuruthy amukkam.2018. 978-955-38809-5-6.
  15. Umakanth M. Eelaththin Vali (Tamil version). 2014.ISBN:978-955-50964-1-6.

Case reports in the journals

  1. 1.Hypercalcaemia due to parathyroid adenoma
  2. Takayasu Arteritis Type-3


  1. Data interpretation for MD medicine
  2. Short cases for medial students
  3. Pain of the Eelam [Tamil version]

Research Interest

  • Diabetes mellitus


  • Clinical teaching in Medicine for medical and nursing student



Positions Held

  • Student Counsellor
  • Centre coordinator for ERPM examination 2017