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Faculty Level IT Cell

The faculty level IT cell is a subcommittee of faculty board to maintain the information technology standards at faculty level and ensure the smooth functioning of the IT mechanism in the faculty. The followings are objectives of the IT cell. 

  1. Make arrangements to update the faculty web page regularly
  2. Receive the webpage update from departments and staff
  3. Promote staff to maintain their profile page faculty website.
  4. Promote the staff to use LMS by providing necessary guidance 
  5. Coordinate LMS related activities such as creation of dashboard, conducting workshop for staff and students, etc.
  6. Coordinate with CICT, EUSL to resolve the issues related to LAN and WAN network.
  7. Involve in planning IT related task

Members of the Committee

  1. Dr.T. Sathaananthan, Dean/FHCS, (Chairman)
  2. Dr. G. Pragasan - Lecturer (Prob), Dept. of Primary Health Care (Convener)
  3. Mr.S.Santharooban, Senior Assistant Librarian
  4. Dr. G.R. Francis, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Clinical Science
  5. Dr. N. Janani, Lecturer (Prob), Dept. of Pathophysiology
  6. Dr. P. Nishanthini, Lecturer (Prob), Dept. of Human Biology
  7. Ms. M. A. F. Sihnas, Lecturer (Prob), Dept. of Medical Education & Research
  8. Dr. K. Karthijekan,  Lecturer, Dept. of Supplementary Health Sciences
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