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Faculty Level GEE Cell

Gender Equity and Equality Cell, Faculty of Health-Care Sciences

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Gender equality is the notion that men and women are similar; that they have common needs, interests, and priorities based on their humanity that should be treated equally via equal rights, freedoms, status, responsibilities, opportunities, access to resources and benefits, and control over them. Equality is understood to lead to an absence of discrimination.

Gender equity recognizes the differences between men and women depending on their biological sex, their gendered life experiences as well as their social distinctions/intersections. Consequently, men and women have to be treated equitably so as to ensure the fulfillment of these differing needs, interests, and priorities. Equity is expected to provide for fairness and justice.

The goal of the UGC Standing Committee on Gender Equity/Equality in Higher Education

To promote gender equity/equality in Sri Lankan universities by giving policy direction to establish gender-sensitive university cultures and university environments that allow students and university staff (academic/administrative/support) to pursue their work without oppression and discrimination.

The commitment of Eastern University, Sri Lanka on Gender Equity/Equality in Higher Education 

Eastern University Sri Lanka is committed to the promotion of gender equity and equality (GEE) and women’s empowerment where all students, academic, administrative, and support staff, female and male, enjoy equal opportunities, human rights and free from all forms of discrimination and harassment.  

Faculty level GEE Cell

In 2016, we established the faculty's Gender Equity and Equality (GEE) cell with representatives from across the faculty. The cell works with the University’s GEE Cell and is an interactive forum for discussing, developing, implementing and disseminating positions on gender equity and equality and sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) issues as related to the faculty's staff and students.

Our GEE cell’s mandate is to encourage positive change across the faculty through such actions as:

  • Creating awareness on GEE via poster presentations, wall paintings, workshops,etc.
  • Establishing and implementing a proper reporting system on GEE and SGBV issues of students and staff
  • Establishing faculty-wide gender equity and equality  goals, and monitoring their achievement
  • considering and making recommendations to the Dean and Faculty Board on GEE-related institutional priorities
  • promoting a culture of aspiration towards an improved representation of women in all aspects

The faculty’s GEE cell meets once in three months a year and reports directly to the Faculty Board. 


  • Dr.T.Sathananthan – Dean, FHCS – Chairperson
  • Mrs.J.Arulnathan – Focal Point

Staff members

  1. Dr.A.N.Arulpragasam
  2. Dr.R.Rajavarman
  3. Dr.N.Prasanna
  4. Mrs.N.Sathieswaran
  5. Dr.K.Arulanandem
  6. Dr.N.Shobana
  7. Dr.V.Thadchanamoorthy
  8. Dr.A.R.M.Sanooz
  9. Ms.S.Krishana
  10. Mr.S.Shanmukanathan
  11. Ms.M A F.Sinhnas

Student Representatives

  1. Mr.R.A.Janith Chandima Ranasinghe
  2. Ms.Thizaharie Rajamohan
  3. Mr.D.M.K.C.Dissanayaka
  4. Ms.U.G.N.M.Kaushalya Samaraweera
  5. Mr.W.Dikshith
  6. Ms.S.M.C.O.Saluwdana
  7. Mr.Dinith deZoysa
  8. Mr.U.L.Ahmed Razeeth
  9. Ms.A.G.Ishara Gimhani
  10. Ms.Navodhya Madhushani
  11. Mr.G.G.L.M. Sumanapala
  12. Ms.P.Shahana


Whether you’re a student or staff member, please don’t hesitate to contact our cell, or any individual members.

Reporting channels for any GEE issues, ragging or SGBV

  • Complaint box (available in both premises of FHCS)
  • Email:
  • Call: 065 2224349 
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