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Message from the Dean

t-sathaananthan .jpg The Faculty of Health-Care Sciences was established by a Gazette notification by the Government on 23rd November 2005 as the 7th Medical School in Sri Lanka.

Our faculty was initiated with the name ‘Faculty of Health – Care Sciences’ based on the modern trends in medical schools, mainly having all health professional education under one roof to cater the future healthcare needs of society. Since we have integrated modular based curriculum, essential health sciences disciplines have been combined into six administrative departments namely Human Biology, Pathophysiology, Primary Health Care, Clinical Sciences, Supplementary Health Sciences and Medical Education and Research. The first four departments consist of subject related disciplines in medicine. The Department of Supplementary Health Sciences currently involves in BSc Nursing study programme with the possibility of including other allied health sciences professions degree programme. Special inclusion, unique to our faculty is the department, Medical Education and Research which provides pedagogical input and facilitates the integration of disciplines in MBBS and BSc Nursing programmes.

The success of our students’ learning is backed by the academic staff of the Faculty with the support of non-academic staff members and administrative staff who ensure to undertake teaching and research activities with the best possible facilities for the students to become the highly recognized health professional required for the country as well as the world. The role provided by our extended faculty specially the Consultant specialists attached to Teaching Hospital, Batticaloa and also by the academics of other universities needs special mention.

Creativity, compassion, and leadership are the qualities we seek most in prospective students as well as the staff in our faculty, and everyone else who has a hand in making our faculty what it is today. Students who graduate from the faculty have the essential skills of communication in English, and ICT while having sound knowledge of the subject matter required for lifelong learning. Special mention to make is the competency our students gain in local languages which helps very much in patient-care needs of our country. The Faculty thus offers many opportunities for students to become adaptable, flexible, responsible, useful and pleasing citizens of the country.

As the Dean of the Faculty of Health-Care Sciences of Eastern University, Sri Lanka, I invite you to explore our website, discover the exceptional learning environment of the faculty, and take advantage of the resources, services, and opportunities we offer.


“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” - Albert Einstein



Prof. Thillainathan Sathaananthan
Professor in Medical Education and Research
Faculty of Health-Care Sciences
Eastern University, Sri Lanka

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