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Department of Clinical Sciences

Welcome to Department of Clinical Sciences

With a history running back to 2006 the Department of Clinical Sciences stands with pride in its own right and identity. We are functioning as a multi-disciplinary department with responsibilities of continuing clinical education to undergraduate and postgraduate students and providing health care services to public through the disciplines of Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatric, Psychiatry, Pharmacology and Radiology. Our main strength is a team of high-caliber academics with significant professional experience, dedicated to the goal of achieving excellence in teaching, research, and clinical services. At the moment department also caters to a small number of elective students who come from different countries. The department has its own clinical units, the University Units, in the Teaching Hospital Batticaloa.

The aims of the department

  • To create competent and compassionate doctors by providing quality training in the clinical disciplines for undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • To provide high-quality clinical service to the community
  • To foster independent and collaborative research in the clinical as well as the community setting
  • Contribute to the development of the country by participating in professional bodies both locally and internationally.