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Research Committee of FHCS, EUSL


Main Objective of the research committee, FHCS, EUSL is to promote research of National and International Excellence. The research committee will function under the faculty board of the Faculty of Health -Care Sciences, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.

Functions of the Research Committee

  • Cultivating conducive research culture in Faculty of Health- Care Sciences, Eastern University Sri Lanka
  • Facilitating researchers to collaborate and perform quality research.
  • Facilitating researchers in disseminating their knowledge both nationally and internationally
  • Feasibility assessment of undergraduate research proposals
  • Feasibility assessment of postgraduate research proposals
  • Research monitoring 
  • Processing the applications submitted for research Allowance 


Research Committee Members

  1. Dr. R. Sanjeev – Chairperson 
  2. Dr. ARM. Sanooz- Secretary
  3. Dr. M. Thayabaran
  4. Dr. S. Sujendran
  5. Dr. K. Arulanandem
  6. Dr. V R. Francis
  7. Dr. M. Roshini
  8. Mr. S. Santharooban
  9. Dr. J. Jeyaruban
  10. Dr. K. Kartheepan
  11. Ms. J. Arulnathan
  12. Ms. N. Genoosha
  13. Dr. V.Thachanamoorthy- Member on Invitation 



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