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Our present department has the following facilities:

  • One cadaver dissection hall to accommodate 50 students for a session and a cadaver preservation area.
  • Histology laboratory – fully equipped with light microscopes, camera microscopes and fluorescence microscope and slide preparation area.
  • Model room with a plastic model with well-defined structures and facilities to display x-rays
  • The physiology laboratory accommodates 40 students and is equipped with essential instruments such as sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, ECG machine, hematology apparatus etc.
  • Biochemistry laboratory is equipped with the necessary equipment (centrifuge, micropipettes, spectrophotometers, HPLC etc. and accommodates up to 40 students during practical sessions.

However, we would be moving to our new location at Pillaiyarady within a few months. The new Department building has the following infrastructure facilities:

Ground floor:

  • Two cadaver dissection halls to accommodate 100 students in each hall for a session and a cadaver preservation area, including with embalming area.
  • Osteology lab
  • Prosected specimen museum
  • Academic staff rooms and department office

First floor:

  • Histology student lab to accommodate 60-70 students for a session.
  • Histology preparation lab
  • Molecular genetics lab
  • Model room
  • Physiology student lab
  • Clinical skills lab
  • Physiology Research lab
  • Academic staff rooms

Second floor:

  • Biochemistry student lab to accommodate 60-70 students for a practical.
  • Biochemistry PG research lab
  • Molecular biology lab
  • Nutrition lab
  • Darkroom and cold room
  • Tute rooms