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Overseas Electives Appointments

Overseas Undergraduate Electives Appointments

The Faculty of Healthcare Sciences, Eastern University Sri Lanka (FHCS, EUSL) is one of the eight state run Medical Faculties in Sri Lanka. We offer elective appointment to overseas medical undergraduates in the clinical fields of Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Gynecology and Obstetrics at the Teaching Hospital of Batticaloa (TH/Batticaloa). The Teaching Hospital of Batticaloa, affiliated to the FHCS is the major Tertiary Care Institution in the Eastern Province with around 1000 beds in 37 wards. Nearly 50 consultant specialists attend this hospital in various fields of medicine. The hospital caters to the tertiary healthcare needs of a population of around million people who live in Batticaloa, Ampara and Trincomalee districts

Why choose FHCS for your elective appointments?

At the Teaching Hospital Batticaloa, you will come across many patients with a variety of ailments common to Sri Lanka, which you may not have seen before. You will be able to join our medical undergraduates in their clinical rotations and experience the life of a Sri Lankan student. Members of the FHCS staff are willing to guide you in your learning practice.
Moreover as the FHCS and the Teaching Hospital Batticaloa are situated in the east coast of the island, you should be able to spend your free days by the pristine sea beaches close by or go on safari which are accessible a few kilometers away

Available options:

Presently we offer elective placements in the following clinical fields at the teaching hospital Batticaloa:

Clinical Field Staff member In charge
Medicine Prof. K.T. Sunderesan, Professor in Medicine and Consultant Physician
Surgery Dr. J Jeyaruban, Senior Lecturer in surgery and Consultant Surgeon
Paediatrics Dr. Angela Arulpragasam, Senior Lecturer in paediatrics medicine and Consultant Paediatrician
Gynecology and Obstetrics Prof. M. Thirukumar, Professor in obstetrics & gynaecology and Consultant Obstetrician
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