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Department of Primary Health Care

Welcome to Department of Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care is globally accepted and introduced into Health Care System. The first Primary Health Care Department in Sri Lanka was established at Faculty of Health-Care Sciences, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.

The Department of Primary Health Care is consist of disciplines of Community and Family Medicine. Our Department involves in teaching, research and Community Practices in disciplines of Public Health and Primary Care.

Undergraduate Curriculum is designed mainly for 3rd and 4th year medical students. It trains to analyze the health problems in the society, to design a health intervention and to perform health education and health promotion activities. It encourages researches mainly on their topic of interest.

The Aims of Department of Primary Health Care:

Developing well rounded Professionals with knowledge and competence in

  • Population (Community) and Family Health.
  • Lifelong learning.
  • Interdisciplinary team work.
  • Balance between disease management and disease prevention/ health promotion.
  • Professional and ethical behavior in practice.
  • Optimal use of available resources and consciousness of well-being of self and colleagues.

Academic schedule

Mainly involves in training undergraduates in various competencies which essential for the Disciplines of Community and Family Medicine.

The curriculum consists of

  • Lectures-conducted mainly for 3rd and 4th year medical students by academic of Faculty of Health-Care Sciences and visiting lecturers from other institutes.
  • Tutorials, Assignments, Small Group Discussion and Problem Based Learning.
  • Exams-End Module Exams (EMS’s) at the end of each modules, Phase-II part-1 and Phase-II part-2 at the end of 6th and 8th Semester respectively.
  • Field Based Project-includes Family Attachment, Community Activities and Community Clerkships.
  • Research project

Units and Services

The following service functions are available

  • Field project area-Including Community Oriented Primary Health Care Centre and Family Practice Centre.
  • Health Promotion and Education.
  • Public Health Campaigns and Exhibitions.
  • Community based Outreach Programmes.
  • Community Involvement and Capacity Building.