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According to the curriculum all medical students should undertake a research project during 3rd and 4th year of undergraduate programme. The students are expected to select an identified health problem/a topic of interest and design a methodology under the guidance of supervisors. The project is conducted as a group which consist of 3-4 students.

Stage 1

Phase II students undertake research activities during their academic programme. The students will be introduced on how to prepare a research proposal as well as 2-3 students will be in a group will select their research topic and requested for the preliminary discussion with the department. The title will be finalized following discussions and notified with nominated supervisors. The title selection will be based on important health related problems in hospital and community settings (considering previous titles, relevancy, feasibility, recommendations and etc…). The planning phase of research will be carried out with all relevant teaching and practical support from the department. At the end of the Stage 1 students will submit the proposal as groups. Subsequently it will be submitted to the ERC of FHCS. The proposal will be design according to the instructions given by department.

Stage 2

After obtaining ERC approval the students will conduct the research. Students strictly follow the allocated supervisor’s instructions and complete the task. The department will organize needed workshops and lectures considering the better outcomes from the research. This process will be assessed regularly through progressive reports signed by the supervisor(s). Students should complete the research during their stipulated period of one year.

Research Titles

Research Titles - Batch 01

Research Titles - Batch 02

Research Titles - Batch 03

Research Titles - Batch 04

Research Titles - Batch 07

Research Titles - Batch 08

Research Titles - Batch 09